March 2017 TEMPO – RE/MAX Jazz Market Report

In March’s edition of TEMPO -RE/MAX Jazz Market Report

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Invest In Oshawa |  The Highs and Lows and Oohhs Of The Market | Is Your Home Prepared For Your Vacation? | St. Patrick’s Day Fun

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February 2017 TEMPO – RE/MAX Jazz Market Report

In February’s edition of TEMPO -RE/MAX Jazz Market Report

Why is Oshawa’s Market So RED HOT? | Your Roof and Ice Damming | The History of Valentine’s Day | Market Update Continue reading

Let The Nest Take Control Of Your Rising Energy Bills

the-nestWith the new Carbon Tax having already taken effect on January 1, 2017 and Kathleen Wynne’s ever rising hydro rates (Ontario is now #1 ahead of Hawaii in North America), Durham residents are starting to feel the pinch. Soaring fuel and hydro charges are not only putting huge pressure on homeowner’s budgets, but they are also causing many residents to rethink strategies on how to limit and reduce these enormous burdens on families.

Nest Learning Thermostats, a Google innovation, are beginning to have a significant impact on the utility bills of Durham residents. These smart devices are designed to learn your family usage tendencies and react accordingly. The Nest will learn how to keep your family comfortable when at home and how to save and reduce your utility bills when you are not. Although not the cheapest product on the market ($329 retail), it does come with a 5 year warranty and is packed with enough innovation and technological advances that will recoup its initial out of pocket expense in no time. Here are some features that make the Nest an excellent way to combat those skyrocketing fuel and hydro bills. Continue reading

6 Tips To Have The Best Backyard Rink In Durham

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Backyard rinks are as Canadiana as maple syrup or beaver tails. Every year thousands of Canadians take to their backyard rinks and thrust themselves into Canadian lore. How many times did you score the winning goal of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals on a backyard rink? Did you ever pretend to be Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux? The young Crosby’s and McDavid’s of today’s youth are out there in full force, laces tied and chins strapped, ready to make new lifetime memories on backyard rinks all across our great Nation. Let’s help them continue on the tradition that was passed down to us. Here are some helpful tips to keep your backyard rink in prime condition this winter: Continue reading

5 Quick To Do’s For Your Home This Spring

5 Quick To Do's For Your Home This Spring


That trickling sound you hear outside in your downspouts is the sound of Spring. The temperatures are on the rise and the last piles of snow are gradually melting away. Soon the robins will arrive, worms in beak, and we will have the chance to look back and honestly say, “It wasn’t such a bad winter after all was it?” Now comes the task of surveying Old Man Winter’s damage and getting our homes ready for some glorious sunshine. Here are some tips that will help your home recover from winter: Continue reading

If I Were Rich My House Would Have…

It’s always fun to dream and with Powerball paying out over $1.5 billion, you just never know.  If I were rich my house would have… Continue reading

11 Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

11 Easy and Inexpensive ways to increase the value of your homeAre you looking to sell your home this year? Well, if you are, you’re obviously concerned about getting the right price. That’s understandable.  After all, you’re selling something that you’ve invested a lot of money, effort and time into. The very least thing you can expect is a good profit.

There are several inexpensive and easy ways to increase the value of your home. Here are a few. Continue reading